Hello VP-Arena members!New Server

We have moved our complete website: over 60.000 player card files, millions of stats entries in the DB and a massive amount of other data…to a new hosting and things looks much better so far.

You can now access your stats, communication and our other features faster and more reliable.

On another note we want to take the opportunity..

Based on the results of the recent VPA Mobile poll, we have found out that our community supports the idea of having Virtual Pro Arena app. We want to give it a go and are looking for the professionals who will help us develop it. We know how the data works and we need guys who can wrap this data in a friendly mobile interface.

So if you or someone you know have the following skills:

- Android app development
– iOS app development
– Speaks English, Swedish or Russian language

please get in touch with Somino or Sunset_Jack or provide us with a contacts so we could arrange a meeting.

VP-Arena team.