2663510-fifa-15-gen-4-banner_656x369Hello to all of you, VP-Arena members.

We are happy to announce that Virtual Pro Arena is now support FIFA15!

EA Sports are still stabilizing the Pro Clubs section, but we can already collect stats for your clubs and pros!

Besides statistics for the FIFA15 clubs, there are plenty of new features that we offer you :

- Self-registration for the clubs. You’ve been requesting this and there you go. Feel free now to add your clubs within seconds.
- New card templates. New game, new cards :) We will keep the color ladder for Virtual Pros, but make the cards themself more slick and awesome. Stay tuned for the update.

More in the works:
- New club banners. We thought that FIFA14 version of the banner was awesome, but there is always a way for improvement.
- More stuff is in the works and will be announced soon..

Good gaming for everyone this year and stay tuned for more news!

Yours truly,
the VP-Arena team

P.S. We double and even triple-checked before release, but be prepared for some shakiness on VP Arena for a few days until data is settled down.