Finally new Club Banners are released on VP-Arena!

Every club on VP-Arena gets an Club Banner. The banner is refreshed daily with data directly from FIFA based on the team performance. If a custom Club Badge is uploaded that badge is used both on the Club Banner and on all the Player Cards in the club.

FFA15PS4_FC Fornudden_clubbanner (1)

We included a lot of information on the badge while still prioritizing an awesome design :)

Console – graphical icon.
Region/Country – customized when registering the club on VP-Arena.
Club Value – the total value of all players in the club.

Ranking – a world ranking, based on FIFA points, cross all clubs registered on VP-Arena.
Points – the points generated in FIFA when playing matches.
Games – the number of normal league matches played by the club.
Win – the win percentage for the club in normal league games.

Club kits – based on the current FIFA club setting (not customizable).
Division – based on the normal league standings in FIFA.

Managers – current managers or owner of the club in FIFA.


We are continuing to make a LOT of work on VP-Arena to deliver great stuff for you and your FIFA career :) ..since the start of FIFA15 we already had 35 releases of features and optimization.

..keeping the spirit going..
/the VP-Arena Team