Hey VP-Arena members,
we are introducing another useful feature for club management ;)

We have created a universal tool for the club to schedule its games – Club Calendar.
It allows you not only to plan events, but also for club members to apply for the event so managers will always have an overview of the situation for the upcoming games:

The idea is to replace countless forums or other tools for planning and managing.

For managers, there is now one place to schedule everything. Never mind which and how many leagues your club participating in:

For players, there is now a place to apply for games and be in touch:


Club Calendar can be found under “Club –>Club Events”: http://www.vp-arena.net/club/club-events/

And keep in mind that this is an initial release with raw design and functionality :)
Please give it a try and let us know the feedback and suggestions here.

Somino & Jack

P.S. Quick reminder – in order to apply for event, club members should be registered on VP-Arena.