Hello VP-Arena members,
today we want to introduce some cool new features that we have added for your Virtual Pro cards.

mgrCard1. See this guy in a suit in the top-right corner? It means that the owner of this card is a manger in his current club. Feel free to get in touch with him in terms of club related activities.





2. See the stars above your avatar? This is a new concept that we came up with – Loyalty. It displays how loyal you are to your current club. VP-Arena calculates the amount of games you have played for current club and shows the corresponding amount of stars:FFA15PS4_Somino_origcard

0-19 games – 0,5 stars
20-49 games – 1 star
50-99 games – 1,5 stars
100-199 games – 2 stars
200-400 games – 2,5 stars
400+ games – 3 stars


Please be aware that card only shows the games for your current club. Good news is that VP-Arena tracks your history and does not reset your stats when you join a club again (as it happens with EA stats), so if you are a member of a national team and is forced to change clubs now and then, we will still keep all your games counted for loyalty factor.


Let us know what you think and feel free to share your ideas!

VP-Arena team.