maxresdefaultHey guys,
as you have noticed already, the statistics for your clubs and players has not been updated for quite some time now.

The reason for this is that Pro Clubs data has suddenly been closed on EA website on June 1st. Furthermore, the whole section related to Pro Clubs is nowhere to be found nowadays. Such a big company with so many daily visitors on their website cannot have an issue like that for more than a month. Which leads us to a thought that it was done on purpose.

We are trying to find any information on this subject. Trying to get in touch with EA Support, but hitting the wall so far. If you have any connections to EA Sports or know someone who can reach those guys and ask them to share – that would be really helpful for the community. For now, the only things we have are guesses and questions.One specific question is hanging in the air, avoided by many FIFA players all over the world – will there be Pro Clubs mode in FIFA17 at all?

We dont know yet.  Do you?
Join the discussion and hope for the best.

Vp-Arena team.