Virtual Pro Arena contains unique features for your FIFA career. We base statistics on real data from FIFA and we compare players and clubs cross platforms.

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Virtual Pro Arena Features

PC – Playstation 4 – Xbox One
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VP Arena is enabled for Fifa on the platforms
– PC
– Playstation 4
– Playstation 3 (limited stats)
– XBOX 360 (limited stats)

– Plus we compare all stats cross platform


Player Cards

The Player Card is inspired from Fifa Ultimate Team and holds some key information about a player.

– Editable image, player position and nationality
– Key statistics on the Fifa player and Virtual Pro status (from FIFA)
– Key statistics on the players club performance (from FIFA)
– Card version is based on the player VPArena value

The Player Card is kept updated on a daily basis and can be linked or embedded on other sites or forums. There are also different card versions, for example a silver card version, depending on player status and performance.


Club Banner

Get your Club Banner to show your key statistics on any web site or forum.

– Includes key statistics, club emblem and the team kits
– Updated automatically on daily base
– Size is optimized for standard forum post and signature restrictions

Player & Club Member view
Your Fifa Statistics

Get a overview of your Virtual Pro stats and your general Fifa experience to see where your potential is to improve and grow as a club player.

– Player’s Virtual Pro estimated value
– Value break down to see what you need to improve to increase your value and skills as an overall player
– Compare with other players and with your club averages
– Match history spread over game size (amount of players)
– Player rating per position

Club OverviewPro Club Overview

Get an overview of your Pro Club to see member statistics, club averages and top players. Get inspired and motivated to climb in your club value ranking and be an even more important contributor in the team.

– Club page including basic info, squad, kits, club activity and value
– Top players according to value, goals, play-makers and defenders
– Real time Fifa online status to see who is online right now in the team
– Private Club Members chat room
– Matches, Goals and Assists are stored even if you leave club and return.

Match Trends

See the match frequency and hours of the day any VP Arena club plays.
– See and evaluate your club gaming frequency and times of day
– Find a club that suits your gaming times during the day

Club Manager Support

As a Club Manager it’s key to keep a team overview and see who’s contributing and how. Always remember, statistics show one perspective and the real performance is on the pitch. The My Club overview supports you as a manager giving you insight into:

– Activity -see who is a very frequent player and who lacks activity lately
– Player stats -visually highlighted data to show player performance
– Club performance averages over time
– Visual warnings to show if players have modified their VPs outside Fifa12

Game Room

The Game Room

The VP Arena Game Room is a unique online feature showing you real time data directly from Fifa. The Game Room brings your online access from a computer or smart phone even closer to your Fifa gaming. The Game Room includes:

– Current club EA points and ranking
– Currently online club members
– Online club members engaged in club gaming right now
– Match results and individual player rating from todays matches
– Match results and individual player rating from yesterdays matches
– Summary of daily average per player for: Rating, MotM awards and Win%
– Access to the VP Arena club specific chat room

Find Players


The VP Arena Transfers section enables Clubs and Players to connect. You will see stats and value for both Clubs and Players and you can send messages directly to managers or players who are registered members of VP Arena.

– Find Club: see Club activity, Club value, number of members and stats
– Find Club: send message to Club managers introducing yourself
– Find Player: see nationality, stats and preferred positions
– Possibility to add a short introduction both for Clubs and Players

Legacy stats

Saved Club Stats
VP Arena saves all club stats collected. This means if you, as a player, leave your club and come back your stats will be complete.

– We save club stats if you leave your club and come back
– We save stats for all VP Arena clubs you have played in